Biometric SDK

Avoid the hassles of a low level biometric SDK and Integrate a turnkey, enterprise-ready biometric identification software solution into your application in a matter of hours.

Biometric Hardware

The success of a biometric system often depends on choosing the right biometric modality, but it isn’t easy. Careful research that includes rigorous comparisons of modality strengths and weaknesses is an important.

Customize Solution

Customized biometric access control solutions generally reside in two sub-categories; custom network solutions and custom software solutions. No matter the various demands your business security requirements place on you.

  • Eye Iris SDK

    Features and Capabilities

    Neurotechnology began research and development in the field of eye iris biometrics in 1994 and has released VeriEye iris recognition algorithm in 2008. The original proprietary algorithm solves the limitations and drawbacks of existing state-of-the-art algorithms. VeriEye implements advanced iris segmentation, enrollment and matching using robust digital image processing algorithms:

    Rapid and accurate iris identification, proven by NIST IREX
    Robust recognition, even with gazing-away eyes or narrowed eyelids.
    Original proprietary algorithm solves the limitations and drawbacks of existing state-of-the-art algorithms.
    Available as multiplatform SDK that supports multiple programming languages.
    Reasonable prices, flexible licensing and free customer support.

  • FingerPrints SDKs

    Rolled and flat fingerprints matching. The VeriFinger algorithm matches flat-to-rolled, flat-to-flat or rolled-to-rolled fingerprints with a high degree of reliability and accuracy, as it is tolerant to fingerprint deformations. Rolled fingerprints have much bigger deformation due to the specific scanning technique (rolling from nail to nail) than those scanned using the "flat" technique. Conventional "flat" fingerprint identification algorithms usually perform matching between flat and rolled fingerprints less reliably due to the mentioned deformations of rolled fingerprints.

    Tolerance to fingerprint translation, rotation and deformation
    Identification capability
    Image quality determination
    Adaptive image filtration
    Features generalization mode
    Compact fingerprint template
    Scanner-specific algorithm optimizations

  • Palm SDK

    Palmprint is based on ridges, principal lines and wrinkles on the surface of the palm.
    Ridges are When you look closely to you palm and fingers, you will notice that the skin is not smooth, but has some sort of a pattern. You will also notice that this pattern is actually formed by the raised portion of the skin. This raised portion is called ridges. When pattern is captured from your palm, then it is called a palmprint, and when captured from the tip of the finger then it is called fingerprints.

    Advantages of Palm SDKs:
    Since the palm area is much larger, hence more distinctive features can be captured compared to fingerprints. This makes it more even more suitable in identification systems than fingerprints. , Palm Scnner

  • Face SDK

    Features and Capabilities

    The VeriLook algorithm implements advanced face localization, enrollment and matching using robust digital image processing algorithms, which are based on deep neural networks:

    Live face detection prevents cheating with a photo in front of a camera
    Simultaneous multiple face processing in live video and still images
    Gender classification and age evaluation for each person in an image
    Emotion recognition and facial feature points extraction
    Webcams or other low cost cameras are suitable for obtaining face images
    Available as multiplatform SDK that supports multiple programming languages
    Surveillance SDK is available for integrating face identification into surveillance systems
    Reasonable prices, flexible licensing and free customer support

  • Voice SDK

    Features and Capabilities

    The VeriSpeak algorithm implements voice enrollment and voiceprint matching using proprietary sound processing technologies:

    Text-dependent algorithm prevents unauthorized access with a covertly-recorded user voice
    Two-factor authentication with a passphrase
    Text-independent algorithm
    Automatic voice activity detection
    Liveness detection
    Identification capability
    (VeriSpeak functions can be used in 1-to-1 matching (verification) and 1-to-many (identification) modes.)
    Multiple samples of the same phrase
    Fused matching , VeriSpeak SDK

What is Secure Attendance?

  • Automatic Attendance Using Latest Technology Hardware + Software
  • Biometric Security In Attendance
  • Customize Reports Available On Desktops & Mobile Devices
  • Complete Payroll Automation From Attendance
  • Designed For Larges Scale Population

Megamatcher SDK Features and Capabilities

  • Proven in national-scale projects , including passport issuance and voter deduplication.
  • NIST MINEX-compliant fingerprint engine, NIST IREX proven iris engine.
  • High performance matching for national-scale systems with MegaMatcher Accelerator.
  • Fingerprints, irises and faces can be matched on smart cards using MegaMatcher On Card.
  • Includes fingerprint, iris, face, voice and palm print modalities.
  • Rolled, flat and latent fingerprint matching.
  • BioAPI 2.0 and other ANSI and ISO biometric standards support.
  • Effective price/performance ratio, flexible licensing and free customer support.

Over View

MegaMatcher technology for large-scale Automated Biometric Identification Systems was introduced in 2005. Since that time the technology has been constantly improved with more than 10 major and minor versions released to date.See For More Detail

Voice Extraction

Text-dependent voice matching engine determines if a voice sample matches the template that was extracted from a specific phrase. During enrollment, one or more phrases are requested from the person being enrolled. Later that person. VeriSpeak SDKs

FingerPrint Extraction

Full MINEX Compliance. NIST has recognized MegaMatcher fingerprint algorithm as MINEX compliant and suitable for use in personal identity verification (PIV) program applications. MegaMatcher includes fingerprint quality determination.VeriFinger SDKs

Palm Scanners

Palm Scanner offers offers feature-rich Livescans and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for all applications requiring standard compliance fingerprint enrollment, fingerprint card-scanning or fingerprint verification.
Live Scans

Face Extraction

Template generalization is used to generate a better quality template from several face images. Better quality templates result in a higher level of identification accuracy.
Tolerance to face position assures a level of enrollment convenience.VeriLooks SDKs

Iris Extraction

NIST IREX proven reliability. MegaMatcher iris matching engine is based on VeriEye. Robust iris detection.
Fast matching. The iris matching speed is up to 200,000 comparisons per second on a single PC. Irises are detected even . VeriEye SDKs


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High performance
Fingerprint, face and iris modalities support
Biometric adjudication
High availability and fault tolerance
Interoperability with other systems
Customization for project needs
Biometric standards support
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The New Generation of Smart Devices in Biometrics for Access Control enhances building security, internal communications, and employee management , at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than previous biometric systems for physical access control.Today, biometric security devices do much more than authentication.
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