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Biometric SDK

Integrate an enterprise-ready biometric identification software solution effortlessly, without dealing with the complexities of a low-level biometric SDK. Within a matter of hours, you can enhance your application with a turnkey solution that is ready to use.

Biometric Hardware

Choosing the right biometric modality is crucial for the success of a biometric system, but it can be a challenging task. Thorough research and rigorous comparisons of modality strengths and weaknesses are essential to make an informed decision.

Customize Solution

Customized biometric access control solutions can be categorized into two main types: custom network solutions and custom software solutions. Regardless of your business security requirements, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Features and Capabilities

Our enterprise-ready biometric identification software solution has a proven track record in national-scale projects such as passport issuance and voter deduplication. It offers a comprehensive range of modalities including fingerprint, iris, face, voice, and palm print matching. With NIST-compliant fingerprint and iris engines, as well as MegaMatcher Accelerator for high-performance matching, our solution ensures accurate and efficient processing. It supports various biometric standards, including BioAPI 2.0, and offers flexible licensing options, an effective price/performance ratio, and free customer support. Additionally, it enables matching on smart cards and accommodates different fingerprint types.



MegaMatcher technology for large-scale Automated Biometric Identification Systems was introduced in 2005. Since that time, the technology has been constantly improved with more than 10 major and minor versions released to date.

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Fingerprint Extraction

Full MINEX Compliance. NIST has recognized MegaMatcher fingerprint algorithm as MINEX compliant and suitable for use in personal identity verification (PIV) program applications. MegaMatcher includes fingerprint quality determination.

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Face Extraction

Template generalization is used to generate a better quality template from several face images. Better quality templates result in a higher level of identification accuracy. Tolerance to face position assures a level of enrollment convenience.

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Voice Extraction

Text-dependent voice matching engine determines if a voice sample matches the template that was extracted from a specific phrase. During enrollment, one or more phrases are requested from the person being enrolled. Later that person.

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Palm Scanners

The Palm Scanner offers comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions with feature-rich Livescans and SDKs for all applications that require standard compliance fingerprint enrollment, fingerprint card-scanning, or fingerprint verification.

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Iris Extraction

NIST IREX proven reliability. MegaMatcher iris matching engine is based on VeriEye. Robust iris detection. Fast matching. The iris matching speed is up to 200,000 comparisons per second on a single PC. Irises are detected even.

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Our Story

DDS is a leading provider of cost-effective information systems solutions. They specialize in designing cutting-edge software for mobile, web, and cloud technologies. With strong partnerships with biometric technology companies, they have assembled a world-class team of engineers for diverse projects. Their customized solutions are independent and secure, tailored to each client's unique needs. DDS takes a customer-centric approach, ensuring exceptional service for all clients. They pride themselves on innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction. Join them on a transformative journey in information systems and experience their expertise first-hand. Contact DDS today to elevate your business with their comprehensive solutions and dedicated team. Stay ahead of the competition with their properly planned and implemented information systems. Contact DDS today to elevate your business with their comprehensive solutions and dedicated team. Stay ahead of the competition with their properly planned and implemented information systems.

Our Solutions

ABIS (Auto Biometric Identification System)

  • High performance
  • Fingerprint, face and iris modalities support
  • Biometric adjudication
  • High availability and fault tolerance
  • Interoperability with other systems
  • Customization for project needs
  • Biometric standards supported

Time Manager

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly Time Manager
  • Efficient resource management
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Detailed progress reports
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Real-time updates
  • Customizable features for tailored usage.

Access Control

  • Advanced biometrics revolutionizing access control
  • Stronger security measures for better protection
  • Efficient internal communication system.
  • Streamlined workforce administration
  • Cost-effective compared to previous systems
  • Enhanced security and management

Library Management System

  • RFID in library theft detection system.
  • Time-saving circulation operations.
  • Non-intrusive scanning of books on shelves.
  • No need to tip out or remove books for scanning.
  • Enhanced efficiency in library operations.
  • Streamlined book inventory management.

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